A 2h mini-trip during the day for lounging in the shade or sunbathing, snorkeling & swimming. Sightseeing & photo stop at the Plakias Caves. When this tour is booked with the Captain Liz boat, the second stop is in a private bay nearby. The Captain Liz has a calming and relaxing cruising speed. The perfect way to wind down and enjoy the boating experience with friends, family and young children.

If you choose to book this tour with the boats called Escape or Salty Cruiser, the second anchorage is in the shallow crystal clear, blue waters of White Beach. These boats have a faster cruising speed than the Captain Liz, which offers the possibility to visit this exclusive beach in only 2 hours.

Boats for this tour: Captain Liz, Salty Cruiser, Escape, Fish Finder  Starting from 360,00€


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