A bestseller tour which offers the best anchorage stops in a compact and enjoyable 5 hour private boat charter.

This tour is for the adventure seekers, the nature & sea lovers. Our super-fast & light weight boats can reach all the small & big caves!  But also the hidden gems like coves, caves & the secret lagoon! Mini-stop in the blue/white village of Loutro.

Who desires cliff jumping and cave swimming, can do this in Marmara. The anchor will drop in a private bay to enjoy the drinks & snacks on board. Also on this charter we will bring along the free of charge snorkeling gear and the Yamaha underwater scooter to play with. Our guests can connect with our Bluetooth sound system and play their own choice of music through the boat’s speakers.

Come along on an unforgettable speed boat safari, live in the moment, feel the wind and sun on your face, this is the ultimate holiday adventure!

Boats for this tour: Only our fastest boats: Salty Cruiser, Escape and Fish Finder
Starting from 760,00€


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